Everyone could write a book on differences between an awakened spirit and a woke, cancel culture spiritThe most exciting and beautiful thing in life is the awakening of our beings.  Childhood is the awakening of your being, joyful experiences, love, gratitude, satisfaction, excitement, and unexplainable experiences of beauty.

Over the years, awesome experiences of happiness often get relegated to childhood or teenage immaturity, as though there were only feelings that danced to the music of insecurity or innocence.

There are plenty examples throughout history of people that experienced an awakened spirit, one case is a fellow named Zakkai (Zacchaeus), Luke 19.  A wealthy political ignoble who routinely defrauded others.  However one day Zak saw beauty within himself.  His transformed into compassion and virtue.  The Mashiyach (Messiah) said, “Life has come to this house today” Luke 19:9.

We are the key to our awakened being, not what we feel, but who we are.  It’s not about hoping to see more virtue in the world, but applying the truth of our being.  Zak acted on what was within himself, this isn’t some airy fairy charismatic religious bullwinkie, but the reality we run from, to fit in, be popular, tell jokes, be successful, influential… make money. 

We work hard, work long, invest, flip, made things pop and leave another world of hell to our children.  Some folks wonder if it will be nukes that melt our beautiful children or woke AGI powered humanoid robots programmed to annihilate virtue.  AI and AGi is powerless to understand or replicate virtue, sure it can know and appear intelligent but it cannot understand virtue.  For most people, their religion, philosophy, science, and materialism defines what it means to be human?  Whose fame, fortune, intelligence or money turned virtue into a hated curse to humiliate human life and turn human beauty to contemptible shame?

You are one of a kind buckaroo.  You define who you are by how you live.  Eight billion people define human being eight billion ways.  Yes, our children’s future is worth fighting for.  So what’s it going to be?   Roll over and play dead, or deal with the truth within yourself?  Virtue is the reality of who you are… your awakened spirit-intellectual-psychological being.

To see how this works, put VIRTUE at the top of your to be list.  Our team launched Virtue TV with big hopes, and ten years of experience says it’s impossible to build a virtuous world while sipping philosophical, academic, Harvard, Oxford binary thinking Kool-aid about human existence.  The binary Platonic world of good and evil was a philosophical reaction to human shame.  The Victim Culture of Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion is a reaction to human shame.  Western culture drank the Kool-aid on promises of great earthly and heavenly rewards. 

Over the last few years while working on the AHAV Bible Project, realities of truth became painfully obvious.  How it really works is like this; truth is reality and vice versa.  The reality is that virtue secures human existence and the future of our species.  No virtue… no humans.  Virtue is the undeniable truth of human being.  To be human is to be virtue.  Sure, some humans have ventured away from being human. feel awkward and ashamed to be virtue, and resort to virtue-signaling so as to appear human.  Multiple generations of binary thinking human shame has produced humans whose virtue-vacuum breeds hatred. 

We will overcome the shame of not demonstrating human being.  Let’s speak truth.  The reality of our species is to be virtue.  Virtue is not a moral ethical feeling or a consciousness.  Not a Greek philosophy.  Not a Greek god.  Not a theology.  Virtue is the beautiful state of human being that thrives on beautiful, honest, and caring relationships.

Baruch Ben Daniel