If you haven’t as yet experienced an “awakened spirit,” you will.  Maybe you’ve been put off by people talking about “supernatural” or “spiritual experiences” to get fame and fortune.  Disingenuous spirituality is a root cause of why many people are lacking in power, and it causes doubt in the hearts and minds of those who are interested to experience more of the supernatural world.

What was the most exciting and beautiful thing that you’ve ever experienced in life?  At what age did you first feel an awakening in your spirit?  My earliest recall was when I was 7.  Throughout my childhood years, I had heard plenty of talk about Yahweh Elohim (the LORD God) and Yeshua (Jesus) from my grandfather Lazarus, parents, relatives, and friends; but I didn’t understand until one evening while gazing up at the stars.  I made a simple prayer that went something like, “Abba, if you’re real.  If you exist and I believe you do.  How will I know for sure.”  What happened was so beautiful, peaceful, joyful, satisfying, elegant, loving, and unexplainable.  Tears welled up and began falling down my cheeks, I had never felt so much joy.  Tears turned into streams of gratitude, waves of awe and beauty; my prayer was answered and I came to experience our Heavenly Father’s love.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that an awakened spirit is the one thing that matters most in this life, for a lot of reasons.  There’s a huge, stark, remarkable, and painfully blunt difference between someone with an awakened spirit and someone who lives according to a religious identity.  Ouch!  I know this personally, because, for many years, I had fallen prey to various religious identities (doctrinal personas); but thank Heaven . . . I’ve returned, my spirit awakened and free.

There are plenty examples in Scripture of those who experienced an “awakened spirit.”  One is Zakkai (Zacchaeus), in Luke 19, a wealthy political ignoble sort who defrauded others to get himself money.  When his awakening came, Zakkai saw the beauty of others through the eyes of “Perfection.”  He experienced immediate compassion towards the poor and towards those he had disadvantaged.  The Mashiyach (Messiah) said of him, “Life has come to this house today” (Luke 19:9).  There’s way more to that story than what meets the eye; yet the fruit speaks clearly of an awakened spirit.

We’ve all seen and heard volumes about what an awakened spirit is not.  We’ve seen the wealthy disadvantage the poor, and the seductions of religious leaders, entertainers, shepherds, and teachers, who confess an awakened spirit but demonstrate fruits of covetousness, pride, anger, resentment, religious or theological bullying, etc.  The fact of the matter is, that our Human Family was created to do “awesome exploits.”  Awesome means “God-like;” it means manifestations of God’s virtue through His people, otherwise referred to as “Messiah in you the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

A true and loving relationship with The Father is based on an “awakened spirit.”  How is it that anyone would use a set of beliefs, doctrines, or identities (religion), to try to explain or convince someone about the importance of God’s love?  If you’ve come to realize that there is no life outside our Father’s love, and you can’t live without the Father’s love, then you don’t need proof of His love for you — only that His Perfect Love awakens your spirit.

Only you have the keys to awaken your spirit; we simply need to know how to find and use these keys within ourselves.  Some years ago, I wrote an appendix entitled, “Prayer,” in the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible that I publish, which I’ll post if there’s interest; but there is so much more that needs to be said about prayer that awakens our spirits.  Since writing many articles online, and for the AENT Bible, my focus has moved towards experiencing the Nature of Mashiyach (Messiah), rather than acquiring more theological knowledge.  Moving to the United States has also impacted my life, as I now better understand the challenges America faces and how to help better equip those being called into the Kingdom of Heaven.  How so?

The biggest enemy against American Judeo-Christian Faith is “covetousness.”  It’s the biggest thief of our precious time.  It thrives on pride and hates things like humility and virtue; but when virtue rises, that chieftain of demons is powerless.  Imagine, a hundred million born-again Americans experienced awakened spirits to the Kingdom of Heaven, throwing off all form of pride and covetousness.  How could that happen?

Those with awakened spirits are able to help inspire and awaken the spirits of others; whereas, those with religious spirits can awaken only the pride and covetousness of religious egos, which brings mediocrity, materialism, division, and spiritual death.  An awakened spirit would never set himself against or above others who need more of Mashiyach, as the greatest virtue of Messiah is to serve others . . . “and do nothing in strife or in vain glory; but, with humbleness of mind, let each esteem his neighbor as better than himself.”  (Philippians 2:3)

It’s impossible to fail in life when our hearts are set on bringing virtue into ourselves, our families, and the lives of others.  Popular?  Not so much.  If virtue were the ubiquitous, visible, and immanent nature of all believers, we would see voluminous acts of virtue everywhere.  Anything less than virtue would be out of place and intolerable; we would guard her scrupulously, because our greatest satisfaction would be experienced through her worth and excellence.

So what’s next?  Let’s raise up virtue!  Let’s set a focus on welcoming the virtuous nature of Mashiyach in our spirits.  Testify of how practicing honor and virtue changes us into the nature of Mashiyach (Messiah).  No, I’m not the epitome of virtue and neither are you, for the Mashiyach Yeshua (Jesus) already won that prize; but: “Faithful is the saying, For if we will have died with Him we will also live with Him; and, if we will have suffered, we will also reign with Him. But if we will have rejected Him, He will reject us.” (Timothy 2:11-12).

What does “Kingdom of Heaven living” mean?  No, I didn’t invent this.  Being “born-again” into the Kingdom of Heaven, means that a person enters into a Kingdom of Heaven relationship with Mashiyach, and into the lifestyle He wants us to live.  Putting our focus on living according to the attributes and character of Mashiyach (Messiah), with His Nature manifest in our personal daily lives, that of our families, and in our friendship and fellowship with others, “But clothe yourselves with our Master Y’shua the Mashiyach: and pay no concern about your flesh for the indulgence of appetites.”  (Romans 13:14)

Does it matter if it seems that precious few folks care about virtue?  What would Noah say if you asked him whether it was worth it to suffer for righteousness and virtue?  What would Abraham say?  What do you say?

“Finally, my Brothers, what things are true, and what things are honest, and what things are just, and what things are pure, and what things are beautiful, and what things are honorable in reporting and deeds of praise and virtuousness; on these, your thoughts should focus.”  (Philippians 4:8)

Baruch Ben Daniel–Editor & Publisher