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Virtue TV website is published by Baruch Ben Daniel our team leader, and his spouse Adele (Chayah Miryam). Baruch is a lifelong coach, counselor, teacher, writer, author, editor, and educator   Since the mid 70’s Baruch has been learning, teaching, and comparing precepts of Kingdom of Heaven virtue with religious ideologies about human achievement and excellence.  

Over the year’s Baruch has served in children’s ministry, as a youth pastor, pastor, marriage and family counselor, Messianic (Netzari) Rabbi and TV host/Bible teacher for a Christian TV network.  While serving various communities Baruch owned (or co-owned) and operated building contracting, marketing consulting, health product manufacturing, biodiesel production, and publishing businesses.  Baruch plays a bit of guitar and keyboard and has led praise and worship in the US, Canada, Europe, and Israel in various congregations (but only when they’re a bit desperate).  Since 1994 Baruch has accumulated about 5 years living in Jerusalem, Israel resided in the USA and currently resides in Canada.

Adele was homeschooled on a farm in Virginia, USA, where she became proficient in animal husbandry, marine navigation, motocross, off-the-grid survival, and natural medicine.  Adele served as director of a Bible-based family radio broadcast, graphics artist and sound engineer, she has studied Hebrew and Aramaic since 2002, and, put the entire New Testament to memory as well some Old Testament books.

Baruch and Adele have a son (2017) and daughter (2018).

We look forward to introducing more members of our team as we launch new content. 

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Baruch Ben Daniel–Editor & Publisher

Adele-Writer & Creatives