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Baruch has always been an entrepreneur, at 8 (1968) he started a sport fishing business selling big fat premium bait worms to fishermen.  Since 1975 he’s been actively involved learning and teaching weekly Bible classes for personal and community transformation and empowerment.  At 22 he became a licenced realtor in Vernon BC, Canada.  At 24 he was elected to the board of directors of a mining-exploration company in Vancouver BC.  At 28 he became a sales manager and coach for small and medium sized companies in Vancouver.  At 32 he started a marketing consulting business in Vancouver.  At 35 he raised seed capital for a Vancouver based public company, within 5 years of startup it was valued at over 200 million . At 36 he started a small manufacturing company to produce natural antibiotic anti-fungal liquids and gels in Surrey BC Canada.  At 45 he started a Biodiesel manufacturing plant in Beth Shemesh Israel. At 46 he began writing and editing a study Bible.  In 2008 he founded Netzari Press LLC and published an Aramaic New Testament Bible.  In 2010 he hosted a weekly TV program in Midland, Texas, called The Living Torah to connect Hebraic principles with Aramaic and Greek New Testament Bibles.  In 2012 he founded Virtue TV along with four wonderful directors with the goal of making virtue a popular, satisfying and desirable pursuit.  In 2015 he created a software program and phone apps for an Aramaic to English Bible.  In 2016 he married Adele who studied Biblical languages since her childhood.  In 2019 he discontinued the Aramaic New Testament Bible and devoted fulltime efforts with Adele to complete the Aramaic Hebrew Amplified Version (AHAV) Bible Project.  The translation was completed September 2023, proofing and editing to be complete early 2024 with publication shortly thereafter. 

Adele is from Virginia, USA, she is skilled in modern and ancient marine navigation, survival, natural medicine. motocross, served as director, graphics artist, and sound engineer for a weekly Bible radio broadcast.  Since 2002 Adele has been a student and teacher of Hebrew and Aramaic, and put the entire New Testament to memory, including portions of the Old Testament.

Baruch, Adele and their four children live in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

We invite you to join with us to grow virtue.

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