History of Virtue TV

From December 2006 to March 2019 Baruch Ben Daniel published an Aramaic (5th Century Syriac Aramaic Christian version) to English New Testament study Bible.  While authoring over 600 footnotes and 200 pages of appendixes in the course of five editions, Baruch was heavily engaged in discussions about closing the gap between religious ideals about virtue and the original Ancient Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament teachings of virtue.

Baruch launched Virtue TV in 2012 while experiencing new empowerment in his personal life, and witnessing virtue growing in the lives of many around him.  His ongoing studies in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic Scripture revealed many beautifully elegant images of human excellence and perfection.  Virtue TV was destined to be the outlet here’s a brief timeline.


2012  Registered Virtue Entertainment Association as a charitable organization in Canada and began production of broadcast-quality pilot programs in Langley BC Canada. Traveled to Jerusalem Israel to produce onsite content at archaeological digs and New Testament locations. Began compiling content for the AHAV New Testament Bible.

2013  Production of broadcast-quality pilot programs. Built virtual sets and CGI content. Compiled content for the AHAV New Testament Bible.

2014  March 2012 to August 2014 Virtue TV produced a series of pilot programs and concepts including, Alive With Virtue, Virtue Goes Viral, Virtue Investigates, Virtue Visits, The Leadership Review, The Living Torah, and Young Entrepreneurs.  August 2014 our team paid for and constructed a new TV set in a strip mall in Vernon BC however after building a new set the religious leaders changed the keys and denied us access to the set we built but used our set for their own charismatic Christian religious meetings.  Three provincial court judges refused to hear the case against the religious leaders.  Our legal counsel advised that it was a clear case of unjust enrichment against Virtue TV and suggested an appeal to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.  We opted to not spend additional time and resources on a law suit.  Baruch shouldered the entire financial loss, well over $50,000, but gained invaluable insights on how Charismatic Christian witchcraft paralyzes people.

2015  Virtue TV developed a Microsoft Windows based program, Android, iPhone Bible Apps and database-driven software to organize, analyze, examine and compare Bible manuscripts, and compiled content for the AHAV New Testament Bible Project.

2016  Traveled to Galilee, and Jerusalem Israel, researched Aramaic and Hebrew archeological inscriptions, compiled content for the AHAV New Testament Bible.  Baruch and Adele were married October 2016 and continued work on the AHAV New Testament Bible, and on publications entitled Architecture of Biblical Hebrew, and Virtue Rising.

2017  Compiled a comprehensive database of Aramaic and Hebrew terms 4th Century BC to 3rd Century CE, for the AHAV New Testament Bible Project and worked on Virtue Rising, a publication about prophetic elements of virtue. 

2018  Registered Virtue TV as a 501c3 non-profit in the US. compiled content for Virtue Rising, and the AHAV New Testament Bible.

2019  March 2019 saw the official launch of the AHAV New Testament Bible Project www.AHAVBIBLE.com and a restructured VirtueTV.org website.

2020  Preparing AHAV New Testament Bible for publication.

2021  Preparing AHAV New Testament Bible for publication.

2022  Preparing AHAV New Testament Bible for publication.

We much appreciate your prayers and financial support.  From the inception of Virtue TV in Canada and the US we’ve invested very little time and resources towards fundraising.  The AHAV Bible Project newsletter has been our main fundraising effort.  We feel our time is best invested towards completing the project regardless of working with a very modest budget.

As each week passes we are increasingly excited to bring new, powerful, and life-changing content to the world.

You’re more than welcome to join us on this virtuous journey.  Please visit us at www.AHAVBIBLE.com

Shalom and Blessings to you,

Baruch Ben Daniel