Virtue Moments

The greatest moments in life are multi-linked, some might even seem spontaneous and unplanned; but there’s no such thing as coincidence.  A complete stranger showing over-the-top kindness, one being overcome by a beautiful scene, or bumping into an old friend, etc.: these bring very special moments and are ultimately “appointed times” or “divine appointments.”  Virtue Moments aims to use all form of media to share such beautiful virtuous moments.  What are some of the greatest moments of your life?  In your family members lives, or your best friends?

Imagine what your life would be like if your “job” was to find and write stories about the most beautiful and virtuous moments of as many souls as possible?  Imagine traveling the world, meeting beautiful people, visiting beautiful places, and living a wonderful virtuous life as you inspire many others.  Interesting?  I think so.  What do you think?

Someone needs to create a program to inspire more virtue moments in our world.  Let’s start with a place where we can share our most beautiful, virtuous moments.  What would others say is their most beautiful moment?

Imagine a global spiritual recording device that tracked and recorded virtuous moments in all the countries of the earth, such as an app, let’s say.  What if you could login to this app and see where people are experiencing the most virtue or the most moral devastation?  Would you consider moving to a more virtuous place to live?

Who are the most virtuous leaders on earth, and why?  What can you and I do to create more virtue in our world?  There’s a secret about virtue, a mystery that has alluded millions of souls.  Virtue is wealth.  Virtue brings the power to come out of poverty.  If you could empower others to come out from the burden of poverty, would you help them?

There’s one more important thing:  Virtue gives us the power to enjoy the wealth we have, to be content, and grateful.  Have you ever met someone who spends all their time talking about their stuff, their house, car, boat, business, stuff, stuff, stuff?  Have you ever noticed that people who talk about their stuff, rather than talk about virtue, are the most boring people you’ve ever met?  Bo-ring!  Rich but boring.

Please don’t be like that. 🙂

There’s nothing better to do in this life than help others grow in virtue.  We all know this is true.  Let’s make it happen.

Baruch Ben Daniel–Editor & Publisher