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Alive With Virtue is a family program featuring men, women, and children making a difference in the world by living vibrant virtuous lives.  This program inspires the awesomeness of virtue within our human family.


Virtue Goes Viral interviews the producers, directors, and contributors of virtuous online content that is inspiring millions of viewers.  We go behind the scenes to find out why the producers created their videos, how the videos have impacted their own lives and many who’ve reached out to them.  The stories are exciting and inspirational to see how virtue brings people together to triumph over challenges.


Virtue Investigates is a program about investigative journalists who tell their stories of how they were silenced (fired) for reporting politically incorrect stories.  Learn what goes on behind the scenes and how “the news” shapes the wrong discussions.


Virtue Visits supports community events, non-profit organizations, businesses, and rising talent by providing broadcast-quality productions to those who consciously and effectively advance virtue into their communities and world.


The Leadership Review looks at current leadership models that center on virtue and challenges leadership styles that reject virtue.  We investigate the cause and effect of complying with contemporary leadership models.  We analyze how volunteerism in religion and philanthropy paralyze the development of virtuous leaders to the benefit of religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and philanthropists.  We evaluate ways to effectively break the cycles of toxic dependencies on religion and philanthropy that spawns an increase in the lack of virtue, moral depravity, financial dependency, and how NGO “middle management” has become seduced into imprisoning the poor and destitute into a perpetual state of poverty and hopelessness.


The Living Torah contrasts Kingdom of Heaven precepts with Judeo-Christian religious traditions about God and Messiah.  Everyone is “spiritual”, each one of us is a “spiritual bouquet” of thoughts and ideas that we believe and trust in.  We all evaluate our purpose and everything in this life through our own unique personal spirituality.  Where do elements of our spirituality really come from?  How can we test and trust what we know?  When it comes to spirituality, “The Living Torah” will rock your socks.


Young Entrepreneurs is a business-centered program to inspire young men and women to build businesses on a foundation of virtue.  This program follows young creative minds as they launch new startups, and helps pair seasoned entrepreneurs who care to support virtuous business models.  Virtue always wins in business and life, this is a truth that gets precious little airtime.  Young Entrepreneurs is out to challenge existing business leadership models and put the realities of virtuous business on the table for all to see.