We are currently not putting the call out for “volunteers” but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t want to hear from you if you are interested.

Maybe you’re noticed that “volunteer” never occurs in Scripture, giving, freewill offerings, and sharing yes, but no examples of volunteers working for religious institutions or ministries.  When Abba Father calls men and women to be prophets and judges He also provides.  Volunteer doesn’t appear in Scripture because much of it is not a Kingdom of Heaven principle.  Scripture teaches exchange of value and wealth, volunteers give their time from the goodness of their hearts, to make a difference in our world but there is a more excellent way. 

There is something terribly wrong about organizations who call for volunteers while their CEO’s, managers and paid staff are taking home massive incomes, burning up huge expense accounts on lavish living, buying investment properties, huge assets, very comfortable financially for themselves while their volunteers enjoy none of these things.

There is wisdom in “volunteering” to learn a skill, to apprenticeship, but when volunteers create wealth for their mentors, they also must be rewarded for their time and effort.  Helping out in emergency situations isn’t an option, something we all do, but when leaders live of wealth generated by the work of volunteers, this a chronic injustice that Scripture refers to as stealing.

Virtue demands caring and interpersonal involvement within our human family and mutual respect for the well-being of everyone.  It is irresponsible of organizations to take on volunteers when in many cases their volunteers need financial, spiritual, and social support. 

We’re as interested in your needs as ours, if you’re interested in volunteering on one of our projects, we’re delighted to hear from you.  If you’re interested in a life-changing experience, or ask some questions please feel free to contact us.   We trust that your interest in virtue is the leading of Divine guidance.