The sad reality is the pushback experienced when advocating for a virtuous world, the thought of socially incorrect virtue paralyzes many, and holds them back from growing virtue.  Fear of being on the wrong side of the popular social spectrum is the single most powerful tool against the progression of virtue.

What would it mean to witness more love, unity, and respect in our world?  How would it make you feel to see people set free of entrapment, addiction, see broken families healed, getting the power of substance abuse, damaging sexuality, greedy addictions, sicknesses healed?  The majority of hurt and pain in this world is because virtue has been neglected, we’ve neglected Abba Father but His reality and power is eternal.

Virtue is the Reality of God

When we sponsor true virtue we’re advocating for the reality of Righteous Love to be manifest within us and others.  Many reject or question the existence of God because of the lack of virtue within “God’s people”.  Many say God is loving, caring, forgiving, kind, honest, generous, righteous and completely just, but how often is this demonstrated?    The reality of Abba Father is virtue within our human family, when we fail in virtue we fail to demonstrate the empowerment of Abba Father.

What is Abba Father’s perspective on human life?  If we refuse to sponsor virtue we’re denying the presence and authority of God’s love and purpose within us.

Virtue is a vessel or house that we abide in and furnish with everything that fits with virtue, something evil can’t be in the same house as virtue.  This is also why the power of virtue is more profound today than ever, virtue is the opposite polarity of the fallen material world, its existence is the single most powerful force that re-aligns from the nature of the fallen world.

Nobody expects a reward for love, we expect love to be returned with the same, but we don’t ask for a reward per se.  Love is it’s own reward.  Not everyone is interested in Righteous Love or Virtue because it conflicts with their perspectives of personal rewards. 

The sponsorship of virtue is the lasting reward of virtue… the only legacy that matters for now and eternity.