Leadership Review


Discernment is a vital key to success and the most powerful way of increasing our discernment is through keys found in Scripture.  We expect our leaders to have discernment, but every day millions of people sit under the authority of leaders who lack the resources.

Scripture reveals a very wide spectrum of leadership styles from the Mashiyach (Messiah), the greatest King and Servant of all, to the evilest and most wicked leader whose fame comes from lying, stealing, cheating, killing and destroying the hopes and dreams of many.  How to we discern between the manifold angels of truth and prosperity versus the fallen angels that would entrap us.

Covetousness is a big problem for everyone; it spoils everyone’s connection to Heaven and destroys the ability of leaders to help others enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Hebrew word for covetousness is חָמַ֣ד (chamad: spelled Chet-Mem-Dalet), which, in Ancient Hebrew, means: Fence-Chaos-Door.  A person who covets is putting up a fence or guarding the chaos to their door.  What door?  You know the answer, have you ever met someone who refuses to answer simple questions?  Where do we give our tithes and offerings?  What is our greatest investment of time that builds the Kingdom of Heaven?  How much money do you have?   Political or “social” correctness is often nothing more than a veil to cover the work of fallen angels.

The Hebrew word for virtue is חַ֖יִל (chayil: spelled Chet-Yod-Lamed), which, in Ancient Hebrew, means:  Fence (Guard)-Arm-Authority.  A virtuous person “guards the arm of authority” and walks in the empowerment of a righteously cultivated soul.  Each of us has authority over our own souls; we either guard ourselves against the carnal fallen world, or make a place for it in our souls.  The Hebrew chayil appears about 250 times in Hebrew and Aramaic, translating as virtue, army, man of valor, valiant, competent, host, forces, strength, riches, wealth, power, substance, might, strong, ability etc.

Chayil is important in Scripture, this is one of the most spiritually antithetical elements of worldly culture.  Many of the most beautiful and spiritually elegant facets of spiritual empowerment in Scripture are rarely developed because they live in precious few vessels who can bring these to light.

There has never been a better time than now to grow in discernment and learn how to apply and exercise discernment in our personal lives.  I trust you will be enriched in many ways as you join me on this journey.

Baruch Ben Daniel–Editor & Publisher