Our world is in urgent need of souls who care about leaving a legacy of virtue for our world.  Virtue invites and welcomes you to bring her to where she can make all the difference.  The world is seeing less virtue with each passing day, who will stand up for virtue if not you and me?  The worlds most renown self-serving leaders in government, religion, business, education, and entertainment are aggressively going after increased fame and fortune while virtue is being mocked and scorned.  Even if we feel the world is on an irrevocable course of destruction, how are we any different from those who are destroying the hope of virtue if we won’t raise her up?  If you believe it’s impossible for the earth to turn from imminent destruction then you clearly recognize the dire state of our human family.  If you believe there is hope for a better world, then whatever your solution to the problem might be it will fail utterly if not anchored in true virtue.  Where will virtue rise if not with us?


Government has become the collective consciousness of business and “spiritual” leaders, the trusted decision-makers who promise voters things they want to hear.  Voters are more polarized by political parties than ever, we’ve entered into a time of political extremism.  Government leaders have no credibility, no power, no influence when they scorn virtue by their words, actions and goals.


Religious conceitedness is infused into nearly all religious communities on earth.  The faithful believe their rabbis, priests, and pastors to epitomize God’s present “truth” but the rest look on in horror knowing these religious leaders are powerless against their own religious conceitedness.  Religion is an “us and them” consciousness fueled by religious pride.  Without virtue there is no truth, religion breeds discrimination against those who don’t adopt the chosen religious identity.  God is not impressed by them who elevate their religious pride above the human family He created for His good pleasure.


How we earn, invest, and spend our wealth defines who we are.  The fame and fortune of the self-entitled rich and famous is rapidly destroying our earth and the hopes, dreams, and lives of millions.  “Business” provides food, clothing, shelter, energy, transportation, communication, services, and all monetary transaction between individuals, companies, and nations.  The business world is suffering prodigiously under the seduction of “think and grow rich”, pathological drivenness, workaholism, celebrations of conceitedness, and the emulation of “successful” rich and famous habits are destroying virtue.  The world’s top business leaders have little to offer towards virtue, their “New Economy” is the strategic placement for increased business opportunities.  Business leaders seem to have an unusual and different self-defined definition of virtue than the rest of the population.  The ABC’s of big business is Accumulate, Bully and Consolidate power, whereas true virtue is the very opposite.  


If man’s knowledge could solve the deterioration of Western Civilization, then Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and followers would have laid the foundation of true virtue long ago.  Acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge is an ever learning exercise in futility and pride if it is not empowered by virtue.  Education is undoubtedly a virtue, but a knowledgeable man without the power of virtue is a danger to himself and others.


If the entertainment industry could activate virtue then art, music, sports, movies, etc, would have done so long ago.  The entertainment industry has become a magnet for self, ego, greed, lavish displays of materialism and uber conceitedness.  The entertainment industry reveals a sustained public disdain for virtue, branding virtue as uncool, sex is cool, sensuality, uncontrollable rage, violence, profanity, witchcraft, and any emotion with a viral potential are the goals of big entertainment.  When famous entertainers or sports personalities mantle virtue in public their sensually hungry or violence starved fans drop and run to new icons that provide the “fix” they’re looking for.

People like you and me are left.  It’s people who value our human family and our earth enough to be the “uncool” purveyors of the single most important element our world desperately needs yet precious few rises up to.  The time is now to convert our time and material temporal wealth into the wealth of virtue, of all endeavors virtue is the eternal legacy everyone wishes to leave after all is said and done.

How do we do this?  Virtue is powerful, she provides her own rewards, we simply need to study virtue and she will guide our values, focus, and direction.

You are invited to help define and build the team.

You are welcome to participate in the greatest and most rewarding journey you will ever travel.

Your servant in virtue,

Baruch Ben Daniel