We are currently not putting the call out for “volunteers” but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t want to hear from you if you are interested.

Have you ever noticed that “volunteer” never occurs in Scripture, giving and sharing yes, but there are no examples of volunteers who freely work for religious institutions or ministry in Scripture.  When God called upon men and women to be prophets and judges He also provided for them.  The reason volunteer doesn’t appear in Scripture is because volunteering as we know it today is not a Kingdom of Heaven principle.  Scripture is all about a fair exchange of value and wealth, most volunteers do so from the goodness of their big hearts, they want to make a difference in our world. 

Is there something wrong with volunteering?  The answer is yes and no.  Yes, there is something terribly wrong about organizations who call for volunteers while their CEO’s, managers and paid staff are taking home six-figure incomes, burning through huge expense accounts on lavish living, purchasing investment properties, grandiose assets, and making very comfortable financially independent lives for themselves while their volunteers enjoy none of these things.

There is wisdom in “volunteering” to learn a skill, but even in an apprenticeship capacity, volunteers create wealth for their mentors and therefore, must be rewarded for their time and effort.  Helping out in emergency situations isn’t an option, this is something we are all responsible for, but not so when leaders are leaching wealth off the work of volunteers, that’s a chronic injustice. 

Virtue demands a caring and interpersonal involvement between one another and mutual respect for the well-being of others.  It is very irresponsible of organizations to take on volunteers when in many cases their volunteers themselves need financial, spiritual and social support. 

That being said, if you’re keen to get involved we’re more than grateful to welcome you to the team, however, we’re as interested in your needs as our own.  There are billions of ways to advance virtue and we would love to support them all but our foremost goal is to deliver on some specific attributes of virtue.  According to Scripture the English term “virtue” is derived from the Hebrew “chayil” which translates to “army” in more than 80 places, but also translates as power, powerful, capable, valiant, strength, riches, bold, and wealth.  One of the most beautiful places of “chayil” in Scripture is found in Matthew 26:64 (Aramaic New Testament), “…you will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of chayil (power) and coming upon the clouds of heaven.”  There are hundreds of places in Scripture that directly relate to God’s people being gifted with His chayil or “righteous power“.

If you’re interested in being a “volunteer” then we expect you are also looking for “righteous power” in your life, and we’re delighted to hear from you.

If you’re interested in a life-changing experience, or you want to speak with us and ask some questions, we welcome you to contact us. 

We don’t believe in coincidence.  We trust that your interest in virtue is the leading of Divine guidance.