The sad reality is that many of today’s popular leaders treat virtue as corny and out of fashion, they don’t want to be associated with virtue because it’s unpopular and old school.  It might embarrass when people discover they stand for things like virtue, truthfulness, honor, humility, gentleness, kindness because when we stand for something there’s always some who will scoff.  Many have experienced pushback for converting to religious ideals or philosophies, but public advocacy of virtue is at the heart and soul of political, social, and religious incorrectness. 

Christian organizations in America are spending billions every month in valiant efforts to maintain Christian consciousness in America, but they are losing ground on many fronts.  First of all, Christianity has been reformatted by material wealth consciousness.  Most Christians work, invest, and build financial empires for themselves then say, “look how God is blessing us, don’t you want to be a Christian too?”  Or they name a famous entertainer, sports personality or politician or billionaire and say, “look he’s a Christian, God wants us to have everything everybody else has, but if you also believe in Jesus you’ll go to heaven.”  Whether Democrat or Republican most American Christians are far more enamored with the power of money than the power of virtue.

How popular is this, “He’s certainly a man of virtue, doesn’t have much money, he works hard but gives it away, he doesn’t have much if any financial support but he’s a really great leader, don’t you want to be like him?”  Christians admire the Apostle Paul but nobody wants to live like him.  Pastors are quick to say how many people attend their churches, as a way of comparing their success with other groups by the sizes of their churches.  Christian denominations rank each other by how many followers they have and how much money their organizations bring in.  Virtue isn’t the popular goal even though it’s the central focus of the new birth.

Another problem with sponsoring virtue is some folks are quick to point out our personal or business flaws when we advocate the imperative of virtue.  Hell might freeze over before they lift a pinky finger to support virtue but these are natural-born authorities when it comes to finding flaws in you and how you manage your life and business.

It’s truly amazing the pushback you will experience from nearly everywhere and everyone when you advocate towards a virtuous world, it’s what paralyzes most people and holds them back from growing virtue.  Fear of being on the wrong side of the popular social spectrum is the single most powerful tool of the enemy.

On the flip side consider this.  What would it mean to witness more love, unity, and respect for human life?  How would it make you feel to see people being set free from the entrapments of social addictions, many more broken families healed, substance, sex, greed addictions, and millions of people with terminal diseases healed?  All of the hurts and pains in this world are a result of the neglect of virtue, sure we’ve all neglected God but the nature of God within us is Virtue.

The Nature of God within us is Virtue.

Let’s be clear.

The reality is that when we sponsor virtue we’re advocating for the true nature of God to be manifest within us and others.  People reject or question the existence of God because of the utter lack of virtue within “God’s people”, it makes sense, doesn’t it?  Many people say that God is loving, caring, forgiving, kind, honest, generous, righteous and completely just, but are they?  Where is their virtue?  No virtue, no God.  Bring on the virtue and people will understand God through you.  Turn your back on virtue and you are the problem.  The nature of God within our human family is virtue, so when we fail in virtue we’ve clearly demonstrated that God is not in us.

Perspective is everything, we can pull out our Bibles and preach long and hard but it’s not our perspective that matters.  What is God’s perspective on human life?  If we refuse to sponsor virtue we’re denying the presence and authority of God’s love and purpose within us.

At this point wouldn’t any reasonable thinking person want to throw everything they have into the advancement of virtue?  And virtue is just that, it’s all or nothing.  One can’t say today I’ll do evil, but I’ll be virtuous person tomorrow.  Virtue is like a vessel or house that we abide in and furnish with everything that matches and goes with virtue, something evil can’t be in the same house as virtue, these are like two polar opposite magnets that can never touch each other.  This is also why the power of virtue is more profound today than ever, virtue is the opposite polarity of the fallen material world, therefore, its existence is the single most powerful force that could re-align the fallen world.

Virtue.  It’s an out of this earth experience you don’t want to miss.