Every once in awhile folks so kindly inquire as to whether our family attends synagogue, church or some sort of fellowship.  The answer is yes we enjoy attending when invited however we prefer smaller more intimate gatherings so we attend home fellowship the most frequently.  Folks ask if we have a statement of doctrine and most of the time we offer Genesis to Revelation, not to be difficult but because we find statements of Faith can leave out so many wonderful elements of Faith.

Over the years people have asked me to write brochures on various topics for them to give out to family and friends they are in discussion with about elements of the Kingdom of Heaven, so we thought why not share some of these online.  This will also help some folks decide if VirtueTV is standing for principles they could team up with.


This is a double-sided, three-fold PDF brochure that touches on the difference between religious conversion and Biblical Repentance. This brochure is designed to evoke thought about repentance as a gift of God to those who desire a closer relationship with him.  Click here to download THEY REPENTED NOT


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Baruch Ben Daniel–Editor & Publisher

Adele-Writer & Creatives